At Phoenix Industries, we are engaged in Manufacturing Mechanical Anchor Fasteners, Chemical Studs (Full threaded bars), U – Bolts, Square U Bolts and Chemical Mortar System.

Mechanical Anchor Fasteners


Mechanical Anchor

Application – Non-cracked normal concrete such as C12/15, and C20/25 to C50/C60 & natural stone with dense structure.

Mechanical anchors are used to attaching objects or structures to concrete and suitable for non-cracked concrete. The anchors designed and manufactured by us comply with Property class 5.8 maintaining physical properties such as –

  • Ultimate Tensile Strength
  • Yield Strength
  • Stress under proof load
  • Elongation before fracture &
  • Desired hardness in specified range besides improving fatigue strength.

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Sleeve : Sleeve is a heart of the operation of mechanical anchors and following are prominent features of our sleeve.

The thickness of sleeve used for M16 Mechanical Anchor is 2 mm. i.e. 14 gauge ( the size used only by the world renowned M/S. Hilti and Fischer) in contrast to 1.5 mm thick sleeve used by most of the cheap overseas companies. Thus strength wise our sleeves are much stronger.

The whole principle of anchoring action is based on friction,  generated through wedging mechanism. The surface area of our sleeve is maximum in any comparison to any other anchor. This helps in generating very powerful frictional force and hence high torque. A Higher value of torque thus authenticates the pulling load capability of our anchor.

The sleeve undergoes serial pressing operations. During those operations, we carry out spheroids (one type of annealing) process so as to make the material soft and helping it to expand smoothly and uniformly at the time of torque application.

Mechanical Anchor Design details


All necessary tests have been carried out in a well-renowned laboratory on various parameters and met all the criteria laid down successfully. This laboratory is in existence since the last 48 years and is accredited by NAB as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in the field of mechanical, chemical and biological testing. Also, it is recognised by all other Inspection Agencies.

IS 1367 Part 3

Laboratory Test Certificate

Our anchor comes with a standard nut and plain washer as per IS specifications. On special request, we also supply oversize washers and spring washers.
Our anchors are available in sizes M12, M16 and M20, in any lengths.

What’s more?

We supply our anchors at a fraction of the price of global competitors!

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Mechanical anchors are extensively used on all types of projects, from standard buildings, bridges, etc. to dams and nuclear power plants to firmly affix embedded plates to a concrete foundation when used with a structural steel element.

We take pride in stating that we are amongst India’s select, few organisations that manufacture anchors in Hot Dip Galvanized Anchors. We would also like to state here that even world-renowned companies do not supply them in India.

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Chemical Bolt (Fully threaded bar/ Stud)

We can tailor make the sizes and lengths to suit the actual site requirements and conditions.

Applications: Used to attach drilled objects or structures mainly to reinforced, partly cracked and non-cracked concrete structures. Ideal for shock or vibratory loading and low-density building materials.
We can manufacture these in absolutely any sizes.
Our anchor comes with a standard nut and plain washer as per IS specifications. On special request, we also supply oversize washers and spring washers.
Our bolts have tremendous adhesive strength, evident from the Torque value of 50Nmt. for M12 Bolts, 100Nmt. for M16 Bolts, compared to 40Nmt & 90 respectively, by Hilti & Fischer.

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The entire fixing system consists of using anchor with either resin capsule containing a typical combination of resin and hardener or injection mortar for quick settings. When the resin cures, it results in an incredibly strong bond between anchor and concrete. Under this condition, anchors have relatively high tensile strength. The process is free from lateral expansion forces, allowing for small axial spacing between two anchors as well as from edges and so in turn, covers a wide range of applications.

The size and quantity of anchors, edge clearance from ends and lateral axial spacing between them along with component thickness and width must be complied as per specifications so as to enable the fixing part to bear the required load.

Design details of our Chemical Bolts

1. Tension zone, moving a load, fatigue load, wind load, earthquake load, impact load fixing.
2. All kinds of curtain wall with major structural fixing.
3. High laden heavy-duty machinery fixing.
4. Steelwork, pillar, corbel and kinds of brace fixing.
5. Metro, railway, tunnel cable, net- work fixing.
6. Conveyance systems, pipeline bridge and lead rail fixing.
7. Baffle plate of the road, railway, bridge, baffle guard fixing, construction equipment fixing, etc.
8. The fixation of chemical engineer pipes, equipment pipelines, crane rails and other building equipment.

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Chemical Mortar System (Epoxy Resin for Anchor/ ReBar grouting) – Mr. Bond

In our stride for providing our customers with complete end to end solutions, we are proud to launch our Anchor & Re-Bar Epoxy Resin chemical – Mr. Bond.

Mr. Bond is an Injection cartridge system consisting of two resin components in separate compartments mixed proportionately in the nozzle when triggered using the dual caulking gun.

Epoxy Resin Indian origin Mr. Bond Phoenix Industries

Know more about – Mr. Bond


Square U-Bolts & U-Bolts


Sizes –

M12 X 70 mm

M12 X 90 mm

M20 X 70 mm

M20 X 100 mm

M20 X 150 mm


Sizes –

M16 X 150 mm

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We also manufacture U-bolts & Square U-Bolts as per client’s requirements which are versatile fasteners used to secure pipes, conduit, cables, and machinery, or as an anchor in foundations and roofs. We supply these items along with nuts & oversize washers in your water park industry.

These bolts too can be supplied in Hot Dip Galvanized Condition.

We carry out Hot Dip Galvanized process for all our products at a reputed organisation, thus ensuring fast delivery times, clean threads and trouble-free nut fit.

Applicator Services

Real photo on site

Phoenix Industries is one of the leading applicators for Civil Construction & Engineering Industry.
We are the Applicator of our Chemical Mortar System and of Chemical re-baring. We take up job for rebar fixing applications and rod fixing for structural connections.
We are one of the leading agency in the field of:

  • Fixing ribbed bars in Reinforcement concrete.
  • Suppliers and dealers of Expansion anchor bolt fasteners and Anchor fixing
  • Chemical Rebar Fixing, Re-baring, Rebar Grouting with chemicals.

If you are looking for Applicators with safety, quality and experience to ensure an excellent job, then please contact us and we are ready to serve you.



We offer our customers with customized packing solutions.

As per our standard scope of supply, we pack our anchors in high micron polythene bags. That said, we also offer to package our anchors in boxes, cartons, pallets etc. specified by you.

On special request, we offer customized labelling and bar coding. These labels may carry your project nos., names, sizes, quantities, instructions for your easy identification.

Our meticulous packing process ensures total protection of your anchors in transit and storage. Besides, the packing & labelling process helps you identify your products faster.

We request you to let us know of your requirements so as to enable us to submit our most competitive quotation.