Needless to say, your elevator makes or breaks the first impression of your society. It lies at the very nerve of your building.

We unify speed & capacity.

The Elevator industry is something we pride ourselves in. Having an experience of over two decades, we offer new installations, modernization, routine maintenance, to all big to small, heavy to light, low-rise to high-rise, pre-engineered or fully-customized elevators. house-lift
We are committed to delivering professional, dependable and timely responses to customer requests at all times.

Technology & Installation –

Our Supervisor handles the coordination of the entire installation process and ensures that it is completed on time. Our courteous, professional team of installers arrive promptly, complete the installation in a timely manner, thoroughly check your new elevator’s operation and perform a quality evaluation.
In our strive for innovation and technological advancement, we have developed machine room less elevator, Gearless Traction Elevators, Geared Traction Elevators, Hydraulic Elevators etc.

Passenger Elevators we Install/ Maintain –

Manual Elevator


Manual elevators are installed with robust & reliable doors like M.S.Collapsible Gates, Imperforated Gates, Swing Doors (Stainless Steel, Wooden, Laminated and M.S. Powder Coated / Painted) and Centre / Telescopic Opening (Manual) Doors. (Stainless Steel, M.S. Powder Coated / Painted).

Auto door Elevator


For our clients based out of Commercial spaces, Shopping malls, multi-storied buildings or even residential towers, we also install Auto door elevators.These may/ may not be equipped with high-tech touch buttons & lights depending on your requirements.

Capsule Elevator


Capsule Lifts are a one stop answer if your main motto is enhancing the beauty of the building and lending a sophisticated touch. They provide a panoramic view of the outside and can be installed on the exterior side of the building and in the lobby too.

Salient features –

  • Eye-catching cabin and flooring keep your passengers safe
  • VVVF Drive
  • We have a bouquet of COP buttons that you can choose from based on your requirements. We also provide etching on the Elevator Cabin/ doors on special requests.
  • No compromise on the quality of our finishes. You can choose the materials and patterns that best match the unique personality of your building.

Annual Maintenance Contracts –

 “Whatever the type or make of your lift we have the expertise to maintain it”

Our maintenance packages provide the best service available for both Phoenix and non-Phoenix elevators.
We set the standard for advanced maintenance services, ensuring you get the longest lifespan and best performance out of your equipment.
We provide Preventive Maintenance as well as Service Maintenance at reasonable prices and strive to arrive within an hour’s time in case of breakdown.

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Modification/ Modernization Contracts –

“Are you unsure if your elevator complies with current code and safety standards?”
“Do your passengers complain about poor floor levelling, ride comfort or noise?”
“Is your elevator more than 10 years old, looks worn and out-of-date?”

You might want to check with us on our Modification Contracts.
We offer Modernization services that replace whole systems or step-by-step, by replacing specific parts. We can upgrade any installation to meet passenger needs complying with government set regulations.
All this is backed up by an aggressive pricing policy.

Our Modernization solutions look ahead to guarantee your elevator remains in optimal condition for a long time to come.