Hot Dip Galvanized Anchors

Core advantages of Hot Dip Galvanized Anchors - The products, components, subassemblies, accessories, etc.  manufactured in your factory are often subjected to severe corrosive condition because of their continuous contact with water or sometimes with chlorinated water. In most of the cases, to prevent the material from corrosive attack, which in turn risks the integrity … Continue reading Hot Dip Galvanized Anchors

Anchor, ReBar fixing Chemical – Mr. Bond

With over a decade of experience in Anchoring technology and extensive research in developing new fastening systems for various applications, Phoenix Industries has always been offering you safe & economical solutions. In our strive for providing our customers with complete end to end solutions, we are proud to launch our Anchor & Re-Bar bonding chemical … Continue reading Anchor, ReBar fixing Chemical – Mr. Bond

Elevators – Installation, Maintenance & Modification

Needless to say, your elevator makes or breaks the first impression of your society. It lies at the very nerve of your building. We unify speed & capacity. The Elevator industry is something we pride ourselves in. Having an experience of over two decades, we offer new installations, modernization, routine maintenance, to all big to … Continue reading Elevators – Installation, Maintenance & Modification